Why I foundedEquiqo

The idea for our company came in early 2015, when I was attending a business conference on digitalization in Germany. Every single one the CEOs I met complained that it was super hard for them to find specialized IT staff. One told me that this was the biggest chokehold for growth at his company.

In Wroclaw I knew many programmers who were extremely talented. And I was not the only one: One of the major companies that just invested into new innovation hubs in Poland was Google. However, I also knew that many executives did not like outsourcing: Changing teams, unclear communication and low quality.

Let‘s change that and build a software company which provides highest quality services by top developers from Poland and make IT easy and seamless for customers. This idea even made it to our name as Equiqo stands for Efficient, Quick and Quality Oriented.

So with the support of three friends from HHL, where we all studied, I founded Equiqo.

Since then we are happy to help companies grow faster, gain competitiveness and stop worrying about IT.

Artur Tomys

What drivesus every day?

our values

Yes, We Can
Challenges are what drive us.
Always Deliver Quality
There are no shortcuts and compromises for us.
Solve Problems
We are effective, we achieve goals and get results.
Be innovative
We are not afraid of fails we learn and perform.

— Why you cancount on Polish developer

Poland wins in Java challenges on the site, particularly impressive as java is the preferred language amongst most of HackerRank's users. Like many of the other countries on this list, Poland also offers coding classes in their schools.
If we held a hacking Olympics today, our data suggests that China would win the gold, Russia would take home a silver, and Poland would nab the bronze.

Who is buildingtechnology for you

- Artur Tomys
- Kasia Lasoń
Head of HR
- Mateusz Ochman
- Dominika
Head of Finance
- Dima
Lead React Developer
- Szymon
Expert Architect Developer
- Michał
Lead Full Stack Developer
- Piotr
Lead Backend Developer

Our main office is located in a historic tenement in the hearth of Wroclaw near the Market Square, the National Forum of Music and the Opera. There are over 30 restaurant and bars nearby. Within 150 meters you will get to public transport (over 20 lines of busses and trams) and the underground carpark. We are on the first floor: several hundred meters of open space, conference rooms, kitchen and chillout room.

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UE project information

Materiał współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach realizowanego projektu pt. „Internacjonalizacja EQUIQO – ekspansja polskiej jakości usług IT na rynki zagraniczne” w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia 2014-2020.

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