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We provide the IT services and outsourced teams you need to accelerate your product and business growth.

We are a Polish-German company with offices in Berlin, Wroclaw, and Rzeszow. We understand your needs and deliver the right solution for you.

What do we stand for?

Quality Oriented
Quality oriented

...what does that mean?

— What dowe offer you?

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  • Managed IT teams

    We provide you with world-class developers who will efficiently complement your in-house development team so you can grow faster and remain sustainable
  • Mobile App Development

    We develop your mobile application. If you want to utilize the amazing growth in mobile internet and tap into new sales channels, we can help you.
  • Custom Solutions

    We provide you with complete IT solutions catered towards your needs. Our experts have vast experience in developing tailor-made solutions across all industries.

— Whatpeople say

At Flaconi agility, high-performance and using the latest technologies are at the very center of what we do and how we work. With the support of Equiqo’s front-end and mobile teams we could deliver outstanding service to our customers.
— David Ashwood
CTO @Flaconi
If you’re looking for professionals who can quickly digitalize your business idea, Equiqo is the best address.
— Melanie Petersen
Founder @Hooray Today

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UE project information

Materiał współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach realizowanego projektu pt. „Internacjonalizacja EQUIQO – ekspansja polskiej jakości usług IT na rynki zagraniczne” w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia 2014-2020.

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