Is it worth spending a moment and implementing HTTP/2 support in your application?

For 3.5 years, we have been able to use the HTTP protocol, which is marked with the number 2. In the network you can find a lot of information that encourages its use. However, we will also find opinions undermining the advantages of the new solution. Where did these doubts come from? In the following [...]

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Keep your code clean

Few steps to improve the quality and the readability of your code Writing a clear code can be a challenge for many developers. What mistakes make our code incomprehensible and what we can do to avoid them? Let me share with you a couple of tips which helped me to improve my coding skills. 1. First [...]

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Speed-up your coding with PHPStorm features

In this post, I want to present you some basic features of PHPStorm IDE, which could really speed up your coding process. Beware. You'll not find here any fancy things  - just basics. But still very helpful if you didn't know it before. Plugins You can install plugins on Preferences > Plugins page. Codeglance Plugin page: [...]

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